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“Every cloud has a silver lining” – proverb

We watch the heavy storm –

Clouds whose bellies hang low,

Weighted with our expectations

For silver linings – but life is just

Phantom pregnancies, labor pains

That do not deliver joy.

If such linings were common, they’d be plastic;

We’d pollute the ocean with them.

They’re only silver because they’re rare.


Written for dVerse


  1. Two lines I totally didn’t see coming and they delighted me on because of that: the hantom pregnancy and if the linings were plastic we’d pollute the oceans with them. This is my favorite that I;ve read of yours, it’s crisp and pointed.

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  2. I never thought of the proverb this way. I had noticed that many dark clouds are indeed lacking the silver; but you impart a sense of urgent expectation and then disappointment through the images of your poem. Kinda dreading the next “cloud” to settle over my head now.

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  3. terrific: succinct and it packs a punch: silver linings are very topical with all sorts of comments coming out about the silver linings in lockdowns, the most common being, a huge drop in ‘flu cases and deaths over the last few years —-

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    • Everything is perspective. Fewer flu cases is a silver lining, but if you got COVID or if your business failed during the lockdowns, it’s not a particularly satisfying silver lining. (None of that happened to me; I am just a pessimistic complainer!)


  4. A most enjoyable read – almost pessimistic but not quite as you replace every with some “They’re only silver because they’re rare.”

    I especially loved these lines:
    “Clouds whose bellies hang low,

    Weighted with our expectations”

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  5. Excellent! Such striking imagery. I love the direction you took with this cloud–and the rarity of the silver lining.

    Of course, I’m the person who sees wonder in rainbows after the storm. 😏

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