We Danced Once

Other clubbers simply shuffle.

We swing; obviously the cutest couple.

Thought we’d found our groove,

but guilty of repetitive moves

that didn’t take us far

enough – life had raised the bar.

For vintage turns to useless junk

One day, our groove became a funk.

Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev from Pexels


Written for dVerse and FOWC.


  1. I love it. Every word is true. Been there. Done that as they say. I love the idea of a one-word challenge, though I’m not one to participate in challenges. I’ve danced and played Fandango. Speaking of dance, you might enjoy The Dance Floor on Dancing Daze: https://wp.me/p1yQyy-67L

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        • I came close to turning professional when I as 18, but a chose college instead. I always danced mostly ballroom, Latin, folk and flamenco, up until 2010. We have done very little dance since then.

          I learned the original west coast swing in 1977 disco days. I still remember most of those old steps and moves, which were lost going from disco to ballroom to country. The country dancers would go wild with delight when I would lead them through those old WCS moves.

          My programmer asked me how to meet women many years ago. I told him learn to dance. So he did. He met a crazy woman when he was out dancing who said she loved Samba and that she was an expert at Samba, but she didn’t know anyone out here who knew how to dance Samba. He asked me if I knew how to Samba. Of course I do, I told him. Bring her out and we’ll Samba. our living room is a dance room with mirrors on one wall.

          Bruce brought the woman out, she looked crazier than his description of her. I started to dance Samba with her. Well, as I suspected, she didn’t really know how to dance Samba, so I started teaching her steps, and leading her through the moves. She got so overwhelmed, she had a full on panic attack.

          My wife said I was so mean to give her a panic attack. I said yes I was, but it served her right for being so full of bull about being an expert Samba dancer, and wasting Bruce’s time and gas to bring her out. The woman was correct in not that many people dance Samba, and she was safe in claiming expertise until she met with the Timinator. Bruce never saw her again after that. He thanked me.

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        • Wow!! I’ve taken a couple salsa lessons, know some basic steps of cha cha, bachata, hustle, and a little East Coast Swing….but all of this very very beginner. Used to go to swing and ballroom socials on occasion, but it’s been a long time.

          Crazy story about Bruce’s date! What a silly thing to lie about. Like what does that really accomplish?

          I have a brother who is single. He was on his college ballroom dance club. I think he should go to ballroom socials to meet people. He is a good lead, good at helping beginners feel comfortable, and a generally cool guy. But he seems to prefer complaining. Frustrating when family members do not follow good advice!

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        • Some people don’t want remedies. They like complaining too much. I had friends who used to tease me for dancing saying it was girly and I wasn’t manly. I told them, while you are sitting around with the guys, drinking, smoking, talking dirty and fantasize about girls, I’m holding girls in my arms, their bodies close to mine, inhaling their scents, enjoying their beauty. If what you are doing is manly, I’d rather be girly. It at least made them think for a fleeting moment before resuming their manly ways and me going on my girly way. I was not raised with strict gender roles, so it never bothered me to be teased about doing “girly” things like dancing, cooking, and arranging flowers.

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        • It’s like a big duh if they want to meet and interact with women. Dancing is sensual, also. As per the Baptists frowning on it. Bruce is a Baptist, but I got him out of the Baptist can’t dance mindset. I’m sure you know the old joke Why don’t Baptists have sex standing up? They would be dancing!

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        • Similar joke in Judaism too:
          A man goes to the Rabbi.
          “Rabbi, I have a question. What positions are allowed during sex?”
          “Oh, it’s all fine. Husband and wife can have sex in any position they’d like”
          “Really?” says the man. “Man on top?”
          “Sure,” says the Rabbi.
          “What about woman on top?”
          “No problem at all,” says the Rabbi.
          “What about standing up?”
          The Rabbi grows serious. “Oh no, that is forbidden. It could lead to dancing.”

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        • While on jokes about sex positions. An anthropologist heard about a pueblo Indian with an incredible memory. He asked the Indian “What were you doing on Friday night, August 6, 1969 at 10:00 pm.?” The Indian answered “Having sex with my wife!” The anthropologist was amazed. He came back a few years later. When he went in to see the Indian he raised his hand and greeted him with “How!” The Indian said “Doggy style!”

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  2. Love the rhythm and flow to this piece, that final line definitely felt sad as it changed into something that the subjects of the poem would probably never have imagined while in their own groove. Very brilliant and beautiful work! Always enjoy reading you.

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    • Truthfully, I don’t think vintage is junk. But value is perception, and there is no guarantee that future generations will value antiques or vintage (and also, what will be considered a cool retro vintage collectible to the future generations?!) that we do now in the same way. But it’s hard to capture nuance in a quadrille, so I went with something snappy and controversial!


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