In Judaism, wine is for joy

Photo by Taha Samet Arslan from Pexels

High on the open bar offerings, cocktail hour hors d’ouvres,

and life, I toasted them – Noah & Hannah –

one of those couples for whom you feel unbridled

happiness. Another toast. But before the dancing started,

I was clutching the toilet like a steering wheel,

steeling myself against a swaying world.

Since then, I cannot drink wine without tasting

the sour shadow of the tides about to change.

From The Sunday Muse #185


Written for dVerse, The Sunday Muse, and Twiglets and retroactively for dVerse (cheers!)


  1. A ha. You subtle so-and-so, you. We can never tell at the beginning how it will all turn out, even though we enter with high hopes. However, I some of the happy feeling from the beginning of the poem still survives through to the end. Everything doesn’t have to be pretty if it succeeds in the end.

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    • Thank you! I love throwing a twist into a poem.
      As an older person who has done many stupid things, I will give you some unsolicited advice: Media, society, etc. seem to glorify experience of any kind, but there are a lot of experiences that really aren’t worth having. You do not need to drink yourself stupid in order to produce good writing.


  2. ” I was clutching the toilet like a steering wheel”… Have been there many times back in the day. Cider is that drink that brings back those memories *she shudders! We’ve all done it… Nice descriptive piece!

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  3. I am so sorry it took me so long to get here, but I am now….LOL I think many of us can relate to your poem for sure! Much celebrating that turns to hugging of the porcelain toilet. So glad you joined us at the Muse!

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  4. “….. clutching the toilet like a steering wheel” is about the most pertinent description of pissed and chundering into the thunder box I have come across. It made me heave with regurgitated memories of events that will remain forever hazy in the blur of alcohol induced altered consciousness.

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  5. This is incredibly evocative! I especially resonate with; “the sour shadow of the tides about to change,” though in a completely different way.. ❤❤❤

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  6. Ah yes….only once have I experienced getting sick on wine. No fun. Not only is that nauseating feeling horrible, or the upchucking…it’s the being out of control that I didn’t like. Never again….and that was probably fifty-some years ago! I enjoy wine now….drink it slowly with my evening meal. For me, wine is to be savored. Guess I learned my lesson! 🙂

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