Strange Plants

Winter vacation in Vegas, I saw a blonde woman

wearing a burgundy velvet fur-trimmed Mrs. Claus outfit

crooning “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” outside,

cacti draped in Christmas lights, tinsel necklaces,

and fluffy cotton “snow” while the crowd watched

in shorts and sandals, for it was 72 degrees and sunny.

It dawned on me how funny it is, the way

we haul heavy vines of tradition and graft them

in new climates to grow strange plants.

Image by Marina Shipova from Pixabay


Written for dVerse


  1. Dream on. We get a white Christmas once in a blue moon, actually much less often, in the southwest. It’s freezing cold, dry and brown most Christmas days out here. I’ve never liked that song.

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      • I remember visiting friends in Yuma, Arizona in January. We were swimming in their pool and they thought we were crazy to be swimming in the middle of winter. It was like 85º. Yuma is near sea level. We came from 5000 feet and freezing temperatures. 85º is our spring, summer, and fall temperatures.

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          • Only 100ºF? it gets up to 115ºF+ pretty easily. We get well over 100 in the summertime, but the dryness makes it fairly tolerable. We were in Ravenna, Italy with 104ºF temps and 98% humidity. That was truly miserable.

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          • I was using an average. Actually, I had gone out around 6 AM when it was only 94 or something (I thought I was being so smart getting out early…) and by the time I was done walking/hiking, it was like 110℉. Then I spent the rest of the day dehydration vomiting. Not one of my better moments.

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          • That sound more like a summer temps in Arizona. Yep. If you are not used to heat and dry, you get dehydrated really easily. That would not be a good time.

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