Self-Portrait, Depressionist-Style

Photograph by Anita Sedberry at Harold Ross Fine Art Photography. From The Sunday Muse
I look ruddy-complexioned and solid,
but under this papier-mache mask

I’ve melted.  Flame extinguished.
I’m only haunted 
by my own gloomy self, but 

it’s just so difficult
to care to rekindle 
this wick when there’s no spark.

So cold, but I can’t even shiver.


Written for The Sunday Muse, Shay’s Word Garden Word List, WOTDC, dVerse


      • It can go in any direction that feels right to the author! I didn’t mean “just” in a diminishing way, sorry about that–I simply meant that some poems are inventions and one must not always assume they are autobiographical or true pictures of the author’s current feelings, though of course they may be. Love that you joined in!

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        • I know what you meant! And I’m sorry, my “*just*” came across in a passive-aggressive way and I didn’t mean that at all! We poet-bloggers wouldn’t be able to function without written communication, and yet, it has its pitfalls sometimes. I totally did not mean to be so passive-aggressive!

          There is some autobiographical element to this, although I actually wasn’t in as dark a mindset when I wrote this as the poem might suggest. I do agree with you about never assuming autobiographical elements when reading a poem.

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  1. “it’s just so difficult
    to care to rekindle
    this wick when there’s no spark.”

    i can relate to that. i like this. this poem is very concise and right to the point (as it should, who it that state would want to wax on and on) very well written

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    • Thank you! I’m not usually this popular, to tell the truth. I think negative self-esteem resonates with a lot of people (unfortunately) so people found something relatable here. What is poetry if not to illuminate something that resonates through the use of imagery and language? It is a pleasure to meet you.

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