I’ve Written This Poem Before

Photography by Kristine Wayman. From The Sunday Muse.
It only takes one 
sharp red criticism
(from my own mouth
or another) to cut down
the fragile tree of self-esteem
like an axe. Then I’m the sad silver squirrel
nibbling whatever splintered
false compliment scraps
you toss my way
to bandage the cracks.

From Living Poetry


Written for The Sunday Muse, RDP, Poetic Bloomings, Living Poetry, and dVerse


*Yeah, I know that this poem is basically the same as this other one, and that this blog is getting awfully repetitive. I’m sorry. I’ve just been in something of a one-track mindset lately.


  1. JYP, Look in the mirror. The person looking back is perfection multiplied. And when you look, open your eyes please (literally and metaphorically speaking) You are loved. Shine bright. Even the moon sees your perfection. I wish you miracles.

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  2. I won’t even dream of throwing a false compliment scrap your way ( it takes time to type a comment, you know!) because why should I lie to you. I lie only to save face. Since you haven’t seen me…you get the drift…
    I like your writing, repetition, bandage et al.
    Keep writing and tell the critical you to take a hike! 😉

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  3. I am almost 77 and fully appreciate getting older is about losses. I could not function as well as I should if I were to return to the job I retired from eight years ago. If I actually live into my 90s, I will get progressively less physically attractive. There is no telling which relatives, friends, etc. I will lose if I reach my 10th decade. By drawing close to our Maker and learning to appreciate His love, I am more resilient in the face of loss, whatever I may lose. I am trying to move spiritually towards the following: It’s not about me, but about Him and others.

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