Time in a Forgetful Universe

Image by anncapictures from Pixabay
It took millions of years
for dinosaurs to roam and evolve
to fish and birds, and for the death

of the dinosaurs to become fodder
for oil fields later drilled dry
by humans fearing insignificance
who thought they could anchor
themselves with empires - but 
this forgetful universe, ceaselessly spinning
on the metaphysical spindle for eons, 
extinguishes the city lights carelessly,
like blowing out a birthday candle,
millennia so meaningless a memory, 
transient as the wind. 


Written for WOTDC, Shay’s Word Garden Word List, Go Dog Go Cafe, RDP, and EM-RWP


  1. We who think we are all powerful gods over this world we live in can be so easily blown away by the winds, waves, and little shivers from the explosiveness of the natural world. Man’s egos never cease to amaze.

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  2. Forgetful universe indeed. I was reading yesterday about some fossil that was found of a creature who lived 500 million years ago. I tried to imagine five hundred. million. years. I couldn’t.

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  3. It’s rather incredible the way the world seems to forget what was, the way people go through life not remembering the happenings that too them there… I wonder how long it will be until remnants of our bones become fuel for another forgetful world.

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  4. This reminded me that one significant solar flare would disable nearly all of Earth’s electric and electronic infrastructure. There’s nothing we’d be able to do about it. Civilization would be in a shambles.

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  5. “by humans fearing insignificance
    who thought they could anchor

    themselves with empires”

    to think that humans could build something as grand as “empire” in the face of “forever”, pure folly, pure ego. even on our own planet (only a fraction as old as the universe) we have lived but a single fraction of a second. every species that has ever come abound has gone extinct, and we, who are perhaps (perhaps) capable enough to sidestep that fate, insist on trying to do so with a construct as feeble as “empire”… laughable, i so agree. very well expressed!

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