The Aftermath

I wanted to be a hero that people looked up to. The kind that people wrote books about. And then I became one. People browsed library shelves, climbed ladders to take down books of me and read my biography. I dreamt it, and shockingly, it became reality.

Only it is a strange reality. A label that doesn’t quite fit. Like wearing someone else’s suit. A suit that would fit others better, only they aren’t here; the jacket hangs from my shoulders. I don’t quite believe I deserve this label, and I’m not sure if I want to keep it or return it. I’d like to ask for a second opinion on this hero’s suit, but there’s no one I can ask. No one who will understand. No one I can trust. I wander lonely as a cloud; no one else is in my atmosphere.


Written for Poets and Storytellers United, Word Of The Day Challenge, The Sunday Muse, and dVerse

Note: This is 100% fictional (Updated: This poem is 87.5% fictional; I did the math). I haven’t done a single thing that could be considered heroic. Only wrote this in first person because of the prompt.


  1. Love this piece of fiction inspired by the line. And the line at the end fits so well. Great illustration as well! I expect many who suddenly find themselves famous are quite shocked when they first get all the attention and find they can’t even walk to the corner grocery store without someone coming up to them! Anonymity is hard to come by once the spotlight has been focused!

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  2. If the shoe doesn’t fit, guess it should be returned to the store or maybe not.
    Love this story. It begs do many questions and addresses so many levels. Not a simple tale at all.

    Happy Monday


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    • That’s a good thing though. I wish more of today’s celebrity heroes were more sad when they did something disappointing. In fairness though, it does go both ways. Our societal tendency to elevate people talented/successful at one thing to epic celebrity heroes and worship them is not a good thing for anyone.


    • When I was younger, I thought my dream was to be famous. Famous for doing something worthwhile, but I hadn’t figured out what my worthwhile-yet-recognized-with-fame-and-success calling would be. Now the fame part feels a lot less appealing. It’s not an accident that this is an anonymous blog! I wouldn’t mind more success though – that would be nice, hehe.


  3. A masterful combining of two challenges!! Love your description of wearing the hero’s suit! The hero accolade has been tossed my way a few times .. I used to shy away/defer. Today I have properly learned how to say a gracious and heartfelt Thank You!

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  4. Blogging is all about pivoting, and if you look back at your posting history, you’ll definitely see the phases you went through—just like growing up.

    So I’m glad that you’re adding some poetry to your repertoire too. Keep on keeping on, and finding what sings to you when it comes to writing!


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