How To Write A Poem

Some say poetry is a puzzle
buried meters deep, wallpapered over
in the peacock pretention of academic reviews,
hidden by a blizzard of obscurity.
Really, a poem is that image - clear, 
transparent, perfect as glass – 
that sings like angels when you read it.
Not a poem. Image by KL Caley. From #writephoto.


Written in honor of World Poetry Day (March 21 – I’m late) for writephoto, dVerse, Shay’s Word Garden Word List, and The Sunday Muse.


  1. The bookends of how complex or simple a poem can be. Many poems are somewhere in the middle. And good poetry is in the eyes of the poet, the reader, and the minds of some pedantic literature teachers. Like your poem for how it frames how difficult or simple a poem can be to both write and understand.

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  2. One of my favorite things is a piece by Grover Lewis entitled “Found On The Dais After The President’s Declaration Of War On Poetry.” The body of the piece is just a list of 21 quiz questions for analyzing a poem, such as you might find in a high school classroom.

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    • I’ll have to check it out!
      Tangentially related, you reminded me of the time when we were studying the Romantic poets in my French class. You’d think I would have enjoyed this unit given that I like French and poetry. But the analysis of the poetry, especially with constantly translating the unfamiliar words, was so painful.

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  3. I sometimes…rarely, actually…attempt to write a poem. No one has ever told me that my poems sing like an angel. Quite the contrary. Most ask what the devil was I thinking by trying to write a poem.

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  4. I guess you’ve got me inspired,
    you’ve really kindled my fire,
    to try this different medium,
    the one that’s called a poem.

    I’d really like to rhyme,
    but I’ve run out of them this time,
    so for my final sentence,
    I guess I’ll just post whatever I want.

    Wow, thanks for this, JYP. That was fun indeed!

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