Instead of Ranting About 2 Years of COVID, I’m Singing About It with Timothy Price

Timothy Price (Off Center & Not Even) and I met on WordPress and bonded over, among other shared interests, an appreciation for clever song parodies.

One time, Tim commented that “Post COVID World” would make an excellent song title. I ran with Tim’s idea. Next thing Tim knew, he had been assigned the role of Aladdin in a parody duet of “A Whole New World” because I am a child of the 90s who watched a lot of animated Disney.

Even though this is not the song Tim would have chosen if it were up to him, he not only agreed to recording his half of the vocals, but also to putting the whole thing together with animation and everything. I’m incredibly grateful for Tim’s willingness to participate, encouragement, technical knowledge, and for making my Disney Princess dreams come true.

Tim has many talents, including photography and writing original songs. Check out his blog!

I hope you enjoyed this not-another-COVID-rant musical interlude!

-JYP, aka “Princess Jasmine”

We might not be ready for Broadway, but we hold our own. “Disney’s Aladdin – A Musical Spectacular” by armadillo444 is marked with CC BY-NC 2.0.

PS. We did another collab. I co-wrote the lyrics to “Content Like A Cat“- check it out on Tim’s blog! And there may be more to come


  1. It’s great how a simple comment turns into a whole musical and video collaboration. It was a lot of fun and I’m really happy we got it all together. Your parody lyrics are brilliant.

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    • Thanks! Things have improved, no question. I wrote these lyrics and then it took time to put all this together. That said, it could be pessimism talking but I feel like we’ve still got a ways to go towards normalcy. I think about my congregation which is not even close to Pre-COVID normal and the rising case counts in China. Glad to hear things are improving in your area

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    • Now that is high praise!

      True story: I once participated in a karaoke-for-charity contest (essentially, you pay money for the privilege of humiliating yourself as the judges critique and score you, but it’s for a good cause). Anyway, I did my karaoke number. Two of the judges were pretty complimentary. The third judge, who actually had a Simon Cowell-like British accent (he really sounded just like Simon although didn’t look anything like him – distant relative perhaps?) ripped my performance to shreds. Like this guy was so Simon Cowell-like, I wondered if he was an actor they had hired to make it more realistic.

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