God Bless Those Who Bring On The Party

Background: Purim Recap

It’s almost Passover, and I forgot to blog about Purim (outside of the pre-Purim complaining which has sadly become my blog “brand”). Oy!

Instead of spending Purim in Current Location which I feel rather blah about these days, I actually traveled to another location, another time zone actually, for Purim, because I am that extra (also, I had another reason to be in that other location).

Purim in Other Time Zone Location turned out to be an extremely awesome event! Spirited egalitarian services, talented megillah readers (not me – I hate chanting megillah and I’m bad at it), in-person sit-down meals inside, alcoholic beverages, and best of all, a DJ playing proper dance music. It made for a Purim that truly was fun for all ages, vs. a Purim that is only fun for small children or for “young professionals” (aka “singles“).

It truly was a party for all ages. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

It was this experience of traveling to and dancing hard at an awesome Purim celebration that provided the inspiration for this poem which I wound up writing while riding on a bus. But this is not the point of my post.

Why Am I Telling You This

The other major highlight of Purim (as if traveling to a majorly awesome celebration and in-person dance party weren’t highlights enough!) was that high on dancing, life, and too much alcohol consumed under mild jet lag, I drunk-wrote Timothy Price (Off Center & Not Even) some lyrics. I told him to feel free to edit mercilessly (even drunk, I am a huge believer in the power of constructive feedback and revision) and do what he wanted with them.

Tim took the lyrics, revised them, and turned them into a fun party song with an awesome video.

In case you’re not quite ready to party to this awesome music video, here are the lyrics:

God Bless Those Who Bring The Party
By JYP & Tim Price

Blessed are those who bring on the party
Blessed are those who bring on the party
Blessed are those who bring on the party
Blessed are those who bring on the party

You can’t have spiritual without the spirits
What’s the harm? Why you fear it
Turn up the volume so we can hear it
Yes! Your heart and soul can bear it
God bless those who bring on the party

Good times are we’re romancin’
Or we may not get the chance in
May as well start a dancin’
Up and down yeah now we’re prancin’
God bless those who bring on the party

While the world may be sleepin’
There are those who keep the beat in
Keep us all from wailin’ and weepin’
On the floor we’re a creepin’
God bless those who bring on the party

Time to share some gratitude
For the one who keeps us in the mood
Bring the music, wine and food
We got it down we’re feeling good
God bless those who bring on the party

They pick us up from devastation
Set the stage for celebration
Then we feel exhilaration
They’ve have filled our expectations
God bless those who bring on the party

Why “God Bless Those Who Bring On The Party”?

This is a fun upbeat party song. For me, there is also a deep and genuine appreciation for those who create the party, the opportunity for people to gather and celebrate. Parties, gatherings, celebrations – these special social moments – these punctuate the otherwise more boring sentences of existence. Yes, I’m super-biased because I’m an extreme extrovert and I fucking hated the introverts’ paradise of COVID lockdown [even if it meant not having to wear pants. (I have nothing against pants, to be honest.)] But also, introvert or extrovert, there’s something incredibly special about to opportunity to gather together to celebrate a moment of pure joy. This is even more meaningful for me in the time of COVID.

I’m also aware that these parties and celebrations don’t come about on their own. It takes a lot of work to make them happen, from the planning and organizing, to the space, food, and entertainment, from the set-up to the clean-up. So for that, I say, yes, “God bless those who bring on the party!”


  1. Well said. As a person who has organized many types of events in the past, I appreciate your appreciation of those who put on the party. Organizing events can be a truly thankless job. I always make it a point to find out who organized an event and thank her, him or them. I also always thank the people who clean up after us, also. I’ve done plenty of cleaning up in my lifetime. Your inspiration for lyrics was perfect. I think we got a really decent song out of it.

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  2. Partying is one of the juicy things in life. Like a bottle opener, it relieves the mind of the stressful thoughts kept within. It helps the body release negative energy that’d otherwise been used on doing more harmful projects. I love partying too, except I’m a teetotaler. Oh me! 😆🤣. That song had me throwing my hands in the air with jove. I enjoyed. God bless those who make the party.

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