5 Offbeat Passover Resources You Haven’t Heard About Yet

You already read all of the Passover guides from all the kosher certifying organizations and rabbis. You already bought your groceries and already have all your favorite recipes. You’ve already read the educational materials on My Jewish Learning, Aish, and Chabad. At Jewish Young Professional, we don’t believe in repeating the same shit you’ve already heard from wiser people. Also, I am not a scholar and I am not a master chef, so it would be particularly idiotic for me to attempt to offer advice and guidance on these subjects (not that this stops me). But I can Google and I’m sharing some Passover-related things that you may not have come across yet in order to enhance your holiday:

1) For a twist on the text: The Hip Hop Haggadah

Is your Pesach not fly enough? Do you want to bust a rhyme at your seder table? If you’re looking for a new way to tell the story of the exodus, check out The Hip Hop Haggadah from Rappers & Rabbis. This is an unsponsored post and I have zero affiliation with this group; I am just a boring white girl who cannot rap for shit but who is highly amused by this concept. Rappers & Rabbis also does events – they have a Hip Hop Seder Saturday night April 16, Hip Hop Havdalah, and they have a fellowship program if you’re a prayer leader looking to take services to the next level.

Image by Darwin Laganzon from Pixabay

2) For practical advice: How To Clean For Passover In One Day

Granted, this post of practical cleaning advice by Ruchi Koval of Out Of The Ortho Box works a lot better if you’re not trying to do it the day of Passover (my bad because I just got around to this post today) To be honest, if you aren’t ready for Passover by this point, you are basically screwed. Your best option is probably to “sell” your home and all the chametz within it, get a tent and a little charcoal grill, and go camping for the next eight days. (Actually, this sounds kind of fun in a way…) But bookmarking this for future reference because I am bad at cleaning and time management.

I find it somewhat hard to believe that this is ever going to be a self-portrait of me, but you never know. Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

3) For entertainment: A Lion King Passover

Six13 is a Jewish a cappella group. They do a lot of holiday medleys and this year, they even have a Billy Joel Passover medley. Still, my favorite of theirs is their Lion King Passover medley from a few years ago. (You know my love of Disney). Anyway, this is unsponsored and I am not affiliated with this group in any way. They’re just really talented and I am a fan!

4) For the beauty junkies: cRc Lipstick Ingredient Search

Do you want to look good over Passover while still ensuring that all of your beauty products are acceptable for Passover? Maybe you have a photo shoot of sorts over chol hamoed? (FYI, this is one reason why I’m not going camping for the next eight days per #2…)

There are many opinions about cosmetics and toiletries during Passover. Lipstick tends to be treated more strictly due to the potential for ingestion. The Chicago Rabbinical Council (cRc) has a nifty ingredient search tool if you want to check whether your favorite lipstick is ok for Passover. They’ve preloaded some products from large well-known brands, and if your preferred brand isn’t listed, you can enter the ingredients individually. I think approximately 0% of my blog readership cares about the halachic acceptability of lipstick on Passover, but I will include this anyway.

By the way, this blog will absolutely never become a beauty blog (granted, I said this blog will never be a poetry blog and poetry is like, my biggest tag, so you probably shouldn’t believe anything I say), however, I love hearing people’s makeup, skincare, and haircare recommendations, and their strongly held opinions on beauty products. My comment section is open and I do not judge!

Bring on the strongly held beauty product opinions! Image by Karolina Grabowska from Pixabay

5) For some good news: The Reopening of Congregation Beth Israel in Colleyville, TX

It is weird to be getting ready to celebrate Passover these days. Celebrating a holiday in the backdrop of global tragedy is bizarre and difficult to reconcile. Perhaps we shouldn’t even try to reconcile. I cannot even begin to imagine what the people of Ukraine are going through right now.

I found myself feeling oddly comforted by some good news following a previous crisis. Congregation Beth Israel, the synagogue in Colleyville, TX at which there was a recent hostage situation, has reopened with a rededication ceremony, following repairs and restoration after the synagogue was damaged by gunfire. The hostage situation affected me emotionally more than it arguably should have, and I’m finding an odd sense of redemption that Congregation Beth Israel reopened before Passover. I don’t expect this to be of massive comfort to those fighting for their lives, or people deeply concerned about those fighting for their lives. But I found that the reopening gave me an unexpected sense of hope.

It feels good knowing the synagogue has reopened. Photo by cottonbro: https://www.pexels.com/photo/brown-wooden-chairs-near-white-concrete-pillar-5986496/

With that, Chag Sameach! Happy Easter! Ramadan Mubarak!


  1. I certainly didn’t know about these. Of course, there is no reason I should, but what a fun post. I really like the Lion King Passover. It’s hilarious. That house by the stream is something else. Amazingly clean too. The Hip Hop Haggadah is clever. It’s fun to see all the humor. As I mentioned many Christians are so serious this time of year.

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    • Re-reading this, I should have reconsidered my tone for this post. I wanted to do a post that wasn’t Passover 101, kosher certification agency guides to Kosher for Passover products, and recipes (mostly because other people are better equipped to write those posts than I am) but I also shouldn’t have used the “you already know” language. Yeah, I loved the Lion King Passover too. I joined Rabbis & Rappers for a virtual event once during the pandemic and they were an interesting group. Many Jews are serious about this time of year. Very serious. But I think it’s important not to be too serious, in my humble opinion.

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  2. I find other religious practices interesting. I was raised Roman Catholic. Judaism has always fascinated me. 23 and me enlightened me as to why. I was discussing Palm Sunday Good Friday this morning as part of their lessons. The world is so heavy right now. I appreciated the humor of this post. Sadly, I admit that if I was Jewish, the lipstick would be a high matter for me, hey I own vanity. I do appreciate the Passover cleaning rituals, but I am known to clean away anxiety, sadness, and ill will. Happy Passover.

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  3. My youngest daughter goes all out for Passover, while my eldest and I basically do nothing. I sometimes feel badly about ignoring all the hols unless I’m with my grands, but I guess I don’t care enough to change back. It’s hard enough for me to get up and go to work. Loved the Billy Joel medley & sent it to my fam. Have a happy 💙

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  4. Despite being male, I did get interested in the halakhic acceptability of lipstick! When my religious OCD was bad, I asked my rabbi about it (actually two rabbis, I think — I was that worried), being worried about less religious guests wearing chametz lipstick to our seder and getting it on our cutlery and glasses. One rabbi said that he would only discuss the halakhas of make-up with me when I start wearing it…

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  5. I watched one of the hip hop videos, and it was hilarious. I was impressed by the twist on the Lion King—definitely talented!

    The world needs any reasons to hope it can get, and the reopening of the synagogue is a good one.

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    • In retrospect, I shouldn’t have started this post with this “you already know…” tone. Lots of people don’t know but are respectfully curious. I should have been more mindful with the tone. Passover is indeed a happy holiday, so thank you!

      Also, I committed the faux pas of ignoring my blog for a week and missing the opportunity to send holiday greetings to blog-friends. I hope you had a good Easter!

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    • Thanks! This is never going to be a Judaism 101 blog (not because I have anything against such a blog – in fact, I think that is a wonderful resource – but because that is simply not the blog I want to write), but I do want this to feel accessible, educational, and entertaining.

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