If Sufficiently Desperate

Mathematicians count lucky numbers.  
The lonely turn to astrology and love spells. 
When pharmaceuticals fail, the barren bring offerings
to fertility totems. Even the skeptic chants incantations 
in a moonlit field like a fool, anything to bring rain, 
for rationality is a cruel comfort.
From The Sunday Muse


dVerse and The Sunday Muse


  1. I think it’s a side-effect of human awareness and rationality that we demand an effect to follow a cause. Bad things don’t merely happen; we are driven to figure out *why* and how we can fix it, even if it means flouting “rationality.” Rationality, it seems, is pretty tenuous.

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      • My blogging break was surprising. It just started and kept going of its own volition – I think as part of an unconscious general reappraisal I have discovered I am undergoing. Can you have the same concurrent unconscious yet rational process going on? I now wonder if there will be a conclusion or I just resume?


  2. Wonderful poem! Also, love that title – sounds like something written on a pill bottle or a logic “if… then” statement. Gives the sense that in times of desperation even logic or science would command “go elsewhere…makes no sense staying here”.

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