Your Plans

You can take your sense of control 
and stick it in the ignition,

but when you find yourself in the urban jumble
of city-strangling, infrastructure-crippling traffic, 

with – aside from honking, praying, cursing, 
and crying – all equally useless pursuits – 

no option other than waiting, 
watching the sun set, in gorgeous lightning colors, 

over the plans you thought had mattered,
you’ll learn the universe never gave a damn.
From The Sunday Muse


The Sunday Muse, dVerse, W3, Poets and Storytellers United, and Twiglets. Also inspired by another poem I wrote a while ago. Feel free to vote for your fave in the comments.


  1. I have been there and done that most of my working life. You have expressed that sense of helplessness and the fact that the universe doesn’t really give a damn.

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    • Albuquerque traffic that bad? (I’ve never been and have no idea what your traffic situation is like) I considered putting in a geographic location like LA, somewhere famous for awful traffic. But I liked the idea of keeping this more universal. It could be any location and any plans – the universe still don’t give a damn.

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      • Our traffic can get really bad. My commute used to be 35 minute to drive 17 miles to work. Nine miles of it was freeway driving at 80 mph when most lanes were clear. But that 17 miles usually took 45 to 50 minutes, and often took an hour and a half to two hours. Going home was almost always worse than going in.

        My new 7-mile commute takes 15 minutes because it’s slow getting out of Corrales. But when Alameda backs up, my 15-minute commute turns into an hour or longer commute inching along in traffic and cursing a lot.

        When Laurie worked in Albuquerque, she kept running shoes in the car. When traffic was bad she would go running when she was stuck near a park or she would go to a Starbucks and work or study until traffic cleared.

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