Story of a Failed Marriage

Image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay

Honestly, it doesn’t matter what caused 
the once-soft Tuscan sunset to cast a sharp bright shadow – 

Maybe his drummer clashed with your jazz, 
or you were faithfully building a life 
in Boston and he was in Arizona, 
dreaming of old ghostly lovers - it doesn’t matter.  

All you know is your Tiffany’s diamond looks
cheaper than a charm bracelet from Claire’s.
Your golden hour memories have the nauseating tinge 
of puke-mustard, seeds you once planted with optimism 
the pigeons ate, then crapped on your porch, 
and the sex is artificial vanilla – unnatural and bad.  

So you drink
in the sunny Paris smiles 
of men not yet ruining your life
Like anesthesia – easy to overdose.

Every marriage ends 
in either death or Detroit wasteland -
Details don’t matter; it’s all the same story.


Twiglets, WODC, Shay’s Word Garden Word List, dVerse, and retroactively for Living Poetry and W3


Don’t worry – my marriage is not as broken as this poem would imply.


    • I don’t experience this in offline poetry groups, but on the blog, readers tend to assume all poetry is perfectly truthful and autobiographical (which in fairness, a lot of it is). But I can’t have my blog friends thinking I’m into jazz or something – that’s just crazy talk 😜 Hence the disclaimer

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  1. You’ve got it right, “marriage ends in either death or Detroit wasteland . . .” My first was divorce after xx years, she fell for one of her younger students. The second, sooner that we’d like we’re trying the second, death, 49 and a half for now.

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  2. The thing about reading other peoples poetry is we are limited to our own emotions and metaphoric understandings. So If I’m way off track please offer me a bit of charity and over look my rhetoric. Well written with imagery however some of us, those who loved and lost will refrain by choice not to be so cynically painting all the “details” as merely monochrome grey . But for the love, there wouldn’t be any details to have ever notice in the first place. imho…

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  3. This is so strong JYP — the impact of truth. Yes, in the end, the tale is the same, just told through different gritted teeth. I’ve crashed and burned two of ‘em. Not proud of it, we just weren’t good copilots. The third one is still airborne, even through occasional turbulence, and will likely make it to the final touch down — my final approach is well underway.

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  4. I just reread this and the second time was better. There is such a dry derisive wisdom that I love here, the kind you get from the all-knowing wife who deserves better but loves her husband anyway, or the woman who tried to beat the system but finally accepts it because she’s just tired. The second stanza is my favourite. Such an elegant write, JYP 🙂

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  5. Bulging with cynicism, with hints of woundedness. I like it — the poetry that is, but marriage was designed for so much more than these five stanzas.

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    • Thanks! I have mixed feelings about the “details don’t matter” refrain. I mostly used it because I was too lazy to figure out who these characters were and why their marriage fell apart. I may take these lines out when I revise this piece, but at the same time, there is also an odd irony between a poem with so many little details and the “details don’t matter” which I like. Hmm, decisions. Anyway, I really appreciate the feedback!


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