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Three months ago, we couldn’t sleep because the window unit air conditioner required to keep the temperature below sweltering rattled incessantly and obnoxiously through the night. Now we can’t sleep because late autumn winds hiss, bitterly harsh and cold, through the poorly insulated windows. My unpopular opinion: The only people who enjoy the seasons are people who have nice homes where they can enjoy the seasons in peace and comfort from the actual seasonal elements.

Husband and I turn nasty, our tone and words as frosty and biting as the air itself. Moving is a fraught, impossible decision, subject to the uncertainties of the real estate market, the interest rates, the job market, the impending tech layoffs and likely recession, the skyrocketing prices of everything. Three months ago, I started a new job with a significant salary increase. And yet, I have never felt so powerless over my own destiny.

Even more insulting, the cyclical change to winter is a harsh reminder of how little has changed over the past year. How little has changed over the past few years. How stupid I am to keep acting like things will ever change or get better. The wind laughs at me for being a fool.

Ev’ry season sucks

just as much as the last one.

This will never change.


dVerse, TMP


  1. Great haiku!! I’m sorry you’re struggling so much! Ugh. I agree that life is much easier when you’ve got working AC and furnaces. Can you strongarm your landlord? You deserve much better than this!! Please consider advocating as much as it takes!! ❤

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  2. Normally I’m not a fan of haiku but I love this. (It even has a seasonal reference!) Sorry about your leaky windows. When you said “window unit” I shuddered with bad memories.

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  3. Excellent JYPku! I know people might say “just move!” But I know it’s not that simple or you would have long ago. Everything has been messed up between the pandemic, and the inflated real estate markets, landlords raising rents to try and recover from pandemic rent freezes and non-payments they could not collect on during lock-downs. Now the crypto crash fiasco. There are lots of things working against you for making a reasonable change.

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  4. I feel for you. We have no AC but we do have the leaky windows that let in wind and rain. And no heating except for a small wood stove. It’s not a fashionable opinion in many circles, but this world is run by and for rich people. The rest of us don’t count. We either mutter rebelliously or grovel in admiration.

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  5. You’ve really captured the annoying sounds of the rattling air conditioner and the hissing autumn winds’, as well as the frosty words. I hope things get better for you soon – the new job should help. Great haiku to sum it all up.

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  6. Sounds all a bit grim YJP. but cheer up, worse things happen at sea (or whatever wherever.) Get some insulating tape and invest in new ACs for next year. (I know that deadly sleep-denying grind and rattle of a noisy AC. Got a new one this summer from a brand I had never heard of and it is actually quiet! (For real and not just alleged.)

    And if you really want feel grim just think how the good cheer of the alleged holiday season is almost upon us together with the cultural waterboarding of incessant holiday music.

    All the best!

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    • “the cultural waterboarding of incessant holiday music.” – ha! this is spot-on. The funny thing is that even though I’m Jewish, I don’t necessarily mind some of the Christmas music. I even have a favorite carol. The problem is that everyone plays the Christmas music non-stop for a month, which makes one go from not minding it to outright hating it real fast!


  7. I think it depends on where you live. I have no air conditioning, only electric fans in summer and oil heaters in winter, but I love every season. But then, I live in the sub-tropics and would not contemplate going anywhere colder. I hope your circumstances might allow you to move eventually. Awful to continually hate one’s environment!

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  8. Try and see what you can enjoy right in this moment. I used to think that I am not allowed to be happy until every single box is checked, everything crossed off the to-do list, every bill paid. That day will never come. So I try to say to myself, okay in this very moment, what do I like? What is making me happy? It could be something so simple. Someday we’ll look back at these times and say “Those were the days.” How scary is that?

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