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Discussion Question:

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live and why?

Photo by Anthony Acosta: https://www.pexels.com/photo/black-and-brown-desk-globe-close-up-photography-2691663/

Answer in the comments.

[For context, it has been a very stressful and shitty few days. Don’t bother asking for details because I’m not sharing. Distract me with your imaginative answers.]


  1. A fun question! Hmm…. I’ve been captivated by Australia ever since I read The Thorn Birds many decades ago! And I love visiting Sonya in Prague! And Hawaii would be awesome. Never been there, but did you know that homeowners in Hawaii must purchase volcano insurance? Yikes! I guess it’s like robot insurance but probably more expensive.

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    • Mauna Loa just erupted, so volcano insurance is a definite must there! I’ve been to Hawaii and I remember being on Waikiki beach in Hawaii in October thinking every life decision I’d made was idiotic and why did I live in [Shitty State That Is Not Hawaii] instead of Hawaii. But dealing with volcanoes sounds terrifying.

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      • I agree!! Volcanoes are freakin’ scary!! I feel bizarrely grateful that I live in a place (Louisville, KY) where there are no disasters that can really happen here: no earthquakes, no hurricanes, no regular tornadoes, no forest fires, no tsunamis, etc. Well, we do get extreme weather on occasion: hurricane winds (that was awesome! Destructive, though), occasional hailstorms, occasional snowstorms, some flooding, etc.; but for the most part, we just feel immune here. I wish everyone had that sort of security. Like California is someplace I wouldn’t want to live because of the earthquakes and the forest fires, for example.

        I’m sure your life decisions aren’t that idiotic!! Hmm… thinking… You’re awfully hard on yourself! I wonder if I’ve made any regretful life choices… hmm… oh yeah, there have been plenty. One thing, speaking of inclement weather, is that many years ago, my sister, my dad, and I were hanging out on the front porch during a thunderstorm. (What could possibly go wrong?!) [Facepalm.] Well, the telephone pole directly opposite our house got struck my lightning, and my dad’s hearing was shattered. And it hasn’t improved. His hearing aids are minimally helpful, but he usually mishears everything. 😦 Now, I would like to go back in time and convince him to come inside. Nothing bad happened to me or my sister (except that my modem was fried, but I think anyone would prefer a $100 modem bill to going deaf). So I definitely know what you mean about having regrets. 😦 But I have every faith in you that you can make better choices from here on out! Go you!! ❤

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        • I should clarify – it was more that Waikiki was so beautiful and amazing it made me question what I was doing not living there. The rational answer is that I had a job, family elsewhere and it makes sense to live where one has a job, family and friends. I wasn’t seriously beating myself up so much as indulging in a bit of imaginative “what if”.

          Fair point about natural disasters and storms. Your story about your dad’s hearing after this thunderstorm is wild!

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      • I visited Hawaii once, years ago. It’s intoxicating, when you’re there, but at the moment I don’t think I’d want to live in the middle of the Pacific Ocean–not even counting the occasional eruption. As far as shitty states, I kind of think most of them have their definite negative aspects. California has good weather–or shall I say some parts do–but I think in reality it would be more difficult to live there than where I am. According to Marcello, the vegetable vendor over here at the City Market, when he worked in Sicily, he would go home for lunch, take a nap, go back to work later, work for awhile, go home, stay up until midnight. Sounds like my kind of place.

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  2. I will stay where I am in our little paradise. After living in Madrid, Spain for four years, I really appreciate where I live. If I had to choose another city in New Mexico, it would be Silver City. I could live in Tuscon, AZ. I spent quite a bit of time in Italy and France. If I had to choose a place I Europe, I would go for Paris based on experience. Although, I’ve heard Poland has some very livable cities.

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  3. Discussion for distraction eh… well if I were to answer your question, that would be too easy, I wouldn’t have a chance to talk as much as I would if I were to instead write a block of words that ultimately go nowhere.

    I know, I should leave this message on a cliffhanger so it looks like I meant to say more, but in actual reality I was only creating an illusion of more so it would come across more as a discussion.

    … I am so sorry for being weird. Here is a log to help be distracted by 🪵 His name is

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  4. Anywhere but Dante’s Inferno, especially that circle where there’s sh*t raining down. Oh and being buried “alive” in a sarcophagus. I hope that distracted you. You didn’t say the distraction had to be pleasant. Wait. Did you?!

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  5. I feel highly unqualified to answer this question, having only traveled to a handful of U.S. states in my lifetime, and having never been abroad. Based on my very limited knowledge of the world, I think I would love to live in VanCouver, British Columbia. It has everything within driving distance– big city, ocean, mountains, country– and it seems much more culturally and ethnically diverse than the podunk little town I’m stuck in for now 🙂

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  6. Honestly, with all its many, many, MANY problems, I would still live in the UK. Not much serious crimes, especially with guns or bombs. Reasonable climate most of the time. Speaks English (and not American English!). Family local. Free healthcare even with all the issues. Part of me would rather live in the country than the town though, but if I’m going to live in a city, London’s good. (Written from the long immigration queue at JFK Airport.)

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  7. Money no object, some place with Mediterranean climate sounds good right about now. I don’t know enough to come up with a good answer. NY,NY would be fun, provided of course that money really was no object.

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  8. Cornwall, Wales and England are so beautiful, but this also because there is so much rain. Would it be offering more dry weather and warmer temperatures with cheaper housing that would be my preferred place to live. Though because of the missing dry warm climate, I go for the south of France where I would not mind enjoying my days of retirement.
    The only thing holding me back now is that in 2008, two banks ran away with all my pension money, and now I don’t have sufficient funds to enjoy the English countryside or stay at the south coast of France. (The Nice region)

    Dream, dream, dream ….

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  9. This makes me think of the saying, “Where ever you go, there you are.” It’s tempting to think that moving someplace new will solve our troubles. Then again, there’s the Yiddish saying, “Change your location, change your mazel.” I think I’d like to have a second home some place warm and then I could come back to Boston, which I do like very much, during its best seasons. I’m not a winter person.

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  10. Feng Shui experts say if you change 27 things in your house, your life will improve. Or the ch’i will start flowing, or something. I suppose if you own less than 27 things you couldn’t do this, but then, it would be very easy to move somewhere else if you wanted.

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