True Story

breaks off of
Antarctica like
a star that the sky couldn’t keep
for herself, too weighted with water and gas,
leaving a hole sized like Greater London, but, good news,
“Not climate change,” the scientists say. But there’s other reason for alarm.
Digital art by Ted Chin. From The Sunday Muse


dVerse, The Sunday Muse, Twiglets, and Terrible Poetry Contest


  1. Reblogged this on Some View on the World and commented:
    In which way are people in the Western world interested in the vast iceberg, which is nearly 600 square miles (1550 sq km), that broke free from the 492ft-thick(150m) Brunt Ice Shelf on Sunday, so far away from their bed? It is not the first one that calved from the shelf and drifted into the Weddell Sea.

    Oh, so many still do not want to hear or see….

    Until now Antarctica has lost more than three trillion tons of ice, leading to rapid global sea-level rise. Several countries are already facing their beaches and waterfront agricultural land flooded and salinated by sea water.

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    • I’m flattered and honored by this praise! I must let you in on a secret – the structure was actually inspired by Chel Owens’s Terrible Poetry Contest prompt (a form where each line needed a prime number of syllables in sequences) – the iceberg-like structure was an unintentional bonus!

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      • You’re very welcome. It’s amazing that the prime number structure ended up looking like an iceberg! I’ve enjoyed participating in Chelsea’s contest over the years (albeit intermittently). I love the themes she comes up with. So much so, that I satirised the whole thing on my blog (with her permission of course). Shame I’ve won it only once though. A long time ago when it was in its nascent stages. I did participate in the prime number prompt. Here’s hoping I can win it again lol

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  2. I recently read an article about this. Apparently “warm” (barely above the temp where salt water freezes) water is flowing under the base of the glacier. It was first discovered by an elephant seal equipped with a sensor and they later sent a robot to explore further. Now human explorers will visit to try to learn more.

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