Shabbat Lunch in January, 2023

One might think that in the winter, Friday night oneg would be a more popular time to socialize vs. Shabbat day given the short Shabbats.  But the synagogue’s Shabbat luncheon is more popular with the “young people” than their most recent Shabbat dinner.

This is because most of the young people are parents.

I sit at a table with people I was once friends with and their children. The children enjoy themselves, babbling, shrieking, playing, running around – not really eating.  The parents talk to each other. I could initiate conversation with my former friends (my parent-friends are too self-absorbed to care about initiating conversation with me).  I could even initiate an animated conversation with one of the small children.

But I don’t.  I’m not one to wear my heart on my sleeve.  I won’t give my once-friends the satisfaction of interacting with their children.

I eat my meal in tortured silence.

Winter-short Shabbat:

Cholent does nothing to warm

My cold broken heart.


WODC, dVerse, Living Poetry


  1. The heartbreak of a lost friendship is not often talked about and I personally think it’s more painful than the end of a romantic relationship. That kind of hurt never quite goes away. Tough to have to spend time in their company too. I hope you’re feeling better now.

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  2. I’m so sorry for the unpleasant experience you had. Seems everyone is so absorbed with themselves. It happens to us al well, older people whose kids are grown and out of the house. The young parents don’t connect with us either.

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    • True, everyone is rather self-absorbed. I also find that “my generation” seems to be really bad at interacting with anyone in a different situation. Like I am on the board of a congregation of mostly much older people, and I actually really enjoy talking to my fellow congregants. But it feels like a lot of the fellow young people* I know only want to talk to fellow young people.

      *Tbh, despite my misleading blogger handle, calling myself a young person feels somewhat disingenuous. I’m in my late 30s getting close to 40, which really doesn’t seem that young…


  3. Saying much in few words is my favorite type of poetry. Excellent. I’m sad for your circumstances, JYP. I hope this isn’t your common predicament, but just fodder for your poem. Nice to meet you, and hang in there!


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