Every Fashion Reality TV Show

Initial challenge: Make a wedding dress

out of hospital gowns

 in four hours.

Team challenge – Surprise! 

The looks are spectacularly

butt-fucking-ugly.  One peculiar oddity

makes the size 000 model

resemble a fat horse;

the judges gasp

before awarding it the win for being “innovative”.

Photo By Hannes Wallrafen. From The Sunday Muse


Shay’s Word Garden Word List, WOTD, The Sunday Muse, dVerse


  1. I came home from the ER early last Friday morning wearing a hospital gown. I’m thinking of asking Mrs. Jim if she will make me a regular summer rob out of it. Since I’ve been home, I have worn it every morning and all night to keep from getting the sheet bloody or otherwise gooey.
    . .

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    • You should definitely ask Mrs. Jim to make you a couture suit out of your hospital gowns – even if Mrs. Jim is not a designer, it cannot look any worse than some of the stuff that gets praised as trending fashion.

      Wishing you a full and speedy recovery!


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